Question: What Does Dip Stand For In Orthopedics?

What does dip stand for in medical terms?

Abbreviation for distal interphalangeal joints.

What does the acronym dip stand for?


Acronym Definition
DIP Dual Inline Package
DIP Diploma
DIP Day in Pictures
DIP Debtor In Possession


What does dip stand for anatomy?

“distal interphalangeal joints” (DIJ or DIP ), those between the second (intermediate) and third (distal) phalanges.

What does dip stand for pipe?

DIPS ( Ductile Iron Pipe Size) was originally used to specify the size of ductile iron pipe and is still used to designate that pipe today.

What is dip diagnosis?

Desquamative interstitial pneumonia ( DIP ) is characterised by the accumulation of numerous pigmented macrophages within most of the distal airspace of the lung and, sometimes, the presence of giant cells. Diagnosis of DIP is not easy and requires surgical lung biopsy. DIP is usually associated with tobacco smoke.

What does dip in my hand mean?

( dip (something) into something) to put your hand into a container in order to get something. Dipping his hand into his pocket, he produced the letter I’d sent him. Synonyms and related words. +

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What does dip stand for when someone dies?

status, age and cause of death. 13 Page 2 14 SOCIOLOGICAL FOCUS It has been maintained that there is a significant reduction in deaths ( death – dip ) before certain dates and an increase in mortality ( death -rise) after those important dates, for certain individuals.

What does dip stand for in finance?

Debtor-in-possession ( DIP ) financing is a special kind of financing meant for companies that are in bankruptcy.

What extends the dip?

Extension of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb is performed by the extensor pollicis longus. Both the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints of digits 2-5 are extended through the actions of extensor digitorum, lumbricals, and dorsal interossei.

Where is the DIP joint located?

The DIP joint in the finger is located at the tip of the finger just before the fingernail starts. Common problems at this joint include Mallet Finger, Jersey Finger, arthritis, mucous cysts, and fractures. The PIP joint is the first joint of the finger and is located between the first two bones of the finger.

What is PIP finger?

Each finger has three phalanges, separated by two interphalangeal joints (IP joints). The one closest to the MCP joint (knuckle) is called the proximal IP joint ( PIP joint ). The joint near the end of the finger is called the distal IP joint (DIP joint ).

What is a dip pipe used for?

Dip Pipes are used to introduce products into columns or reactors. They are designed to provide the ultimate in corrosion-resistant, non-contaminating construction to 500°F for loading vessels below the liquid level, and decanting and unloading without the need for bottom outlets.

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What does dip stand for in driving?

The dip sign is a warning sign. Dip signs indicate that there is a dip or low place in the road. Drivers are suggested to slow down when they see a dip sign. It’s hazardous to encounter this sharp depression in the road while driving at a high speed.

What is the difference between IPS and dips?

IPS sized HDPE pipe has the same outside diameter as black iron or carbon steel pipe. DIPS sized HDPE has the same outside diameter as cast/ductile iron pipe. Typically, ductile iron pipe sizes are available from 4- inch to 36-inch diameters.

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