What Is An Scr In Orthopedics?

What is SCR procedure?

Superior Capsular Reconstruction can be used to address these tears in which there is not sufficient rotator cuff to repair. This procedure involves use of a graft secured to the glenoid and greater tuberosity to reconstruct the superior capsule, restoring joint function and superior glenohumeral stability.

Is superior capsular reconstruction an open surgery?

Arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction is an outpatient procedure. Post- surgical rehabilitation is similar to that required after rotator cuff repair and is designed to protect the surgical repair, minimize pain and inflammation and to maintain mobility. Full function is restored within three months.

What is the superior capsule?

The superior capsule is the upper part of the capsular lining of your shoulder joint. It has been shown to have a useful role in helping centre the humeral head on the glenoid socket and thereby assisting with elevation of your arm.

What is the CPT code for superior capsular reconstruction?

Per CPT Assistant from April 2017, the correct code to report ASCR (arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction ) is 29999.

What is a SCR repair?

Superior capsule reconstruction ( SCR ) is a promising alternative treatment for irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears (Figure 1). It utilizes a graft from the superior glenoid to the greater tuberosity to stabilize the humeral head.

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How do you bill superior capsular reconstruction?

According to CPT, code 29806 should be used when an arthroscopic technique is utilized. In a SCR, the surgeon may use autograft or allograft tissue to reconstruct or repair deficient capsular tissues. As such, they should report 29806 when the technique is performed arthroscopically.

What is procedure code 29806?

CPT code 29806 – Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; capsulorrhaphy. When this code was added, it became the parent code in the shoulder scope section per CPT guidelines–regarding intended procedures.

Does CPT 77071 need a modifier?

Although the majority of 7XXXX-series codes do include technical and professional components, if the fee schedule does not list separate values for a code with modifiers 26 and TC (eg, 77071, Manual application of stress performed by physician or other qualified health care professional for joint radiography, including

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