Quick Answer: Who Owns Resurgens Orthopedics In Atlanta,Ga.?

Is resurgens part of Wellstar?

Resurgens Orthopaedics in Acworth is located on the third floor in the Wellstar Acworth Health Park.

What is a resurgens Orthopaedics?

Resurgens Orthopaedics in Midtown, Atlanta has physicians specializing in all orthopaedic conditions including the spine, hip, knee, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. The Midtown Rehabilitation Center provides patients access to Certified Hand Therapists. There is a parking garage costing up to $8 or valet costing $10.

How many employees does resurgens Orthopaedics have?

Resurgens Orthopaedics has 690 employees and is ranked 3rd among it’s top 10 competitors.

What does resurgens mean?

The motto ” resurgens ” is Latin meaning “rising again.” The myth is that the Phoenix rose from its own ashes to begin a new life. This symbolizes what the City of Atlanta accomplished following the devastation of the Civil War.

Why is Atlanta Resurgens?

Atlanta’s motto is resurgens, which can be translated not only as “to rise again,” as from the ashes of war, but also as “to rise from the dead.”

Does resurgens take Medicare?

Our facility accepts most major commercial insurance, HMO/PPO plans, Medicare, Workers Compensation, and other government sponsored health coverage. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

Who started resurgens?

Resurgens Orthopaedics was founded in 1986 by Dr. John Garrett.In 1999, seven independent physician groups merged to form one practice under the existing name of Resurgens Orthopaedics. Since then, Resurgens Orthopaedics has grown to be one of the largest and most respected orthopaedic practices in the country.

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What is the Atlanta flag?

The current flag of Georgia was adopted on May 8, 2003. The flag bears three stripes consisting of red-white-red, featuring a blue canton containing a ring of 13 white stars encompassing the state’s coat of arms in gold.

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