Quick Answer: What Is A Jobe Test Orthopedics?

What does Jobe’s test for?

The lateral Jobe test is a simple single test which can help in the clinical diagnosis of rotator cuff tears.

What does empty can test show?

The empty can test is a clinical test used to test the integrity of the supraspinatus tendon. In this test, the patient is tested at 90° elevation in the scapula plane and full internal rotation ( empty can ). The patient resists downward pressure exerted by the examiner at patients elbow or wrist.

Why use empty can test?

The empty can test (Jobe’s test ) and full can test (Neer test ) are used to diagnose shoulder injuries. Specifically, these physical examination maneuvers examine the integrity of the supraspinatus muscle and tendon.

What is a positive Hawkins test?

A positive Hawkins -Kennedy test is indicative of an impingement of all structures that are located between the greater tubercle of the humerus and the coracohumeral ligament. The impinged structures include the supraspinatus muscle, teres minor muscle, and the infraspinatus muscle.

What does a positive Jobe’s test mean?

Test Position: Sitting or standing. Performing the Test: The examiner passively elevates the patient’s shoulder to 90 degrees of abduction with internal rotation. The examiner then applies a downward pressure against the arm. A positive test is the provocation of pain or abnormal weakness.

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What is Neer and Hawkins test?

Neer impingement test. The patient’s arm is maximally elevated through forward flexion by the examiner, causing a jamming of the greater tuberosity against the anteroinferior acromion. Pain elicited with this maneuver indicates a positive test result for impingement. Hawkins test.

What is the empty can exercise?

The empty can / full can exercise involves taking your arms out to the side (abduction) on about a 45-degree angle and turning your thumbs down (pronation) or as if you are pouring a can out and then turning the can upwards (supination) this exercise is done with weights being held and repeating the pronation and

What does an empty can mean?

: Empty cans make the most noise.: Literally, if you hit a full can with a spoon, you get a dull thud, but if you hit an empty can, it may ring like a bell. Metaphorically, people who don’t know much ( empty cans = empty heads) often are very vocal with their opinions, complain a lot, etc.

What is the Apley scratch test?

The Apley scratch test is another useful maneuver to assess shoulder range of motion (Figure 2). In this test, abduction and external rotation are measured by having the patient reach behind the head and touch the superior aspect of the opposite scapula.

What is Jobe’s test for shoulder?

Jobe’s test is a physical exam test that is used to detect anterior shoulder instability. It is used to distinguish between anterior instability and primary shoulder impingement. This test should be performed after the Apprehension test.

What forces are acting on the empty can?


  • gravitational force.
  • frictional force.
  • normal force.
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What is the lift off test?

Lift – off Sign. To test for a lesion of the subscapularis muscle and scapular instability. The patient stands and places the dorsum of the hand against mid-lumbar spine. The patient then lifts his hand away from the back. An inability to perform this action indicates a lesion of the subscapularis muscle.

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