Readers ask: Foot Tattoos How Bad Is The Pain?

Does bottom of foot tattoo hurt?

Due to the amount of nerves you also have in your feet, if you find a tattooist who is prepared to tattoo the soles of your feet, keeping still throughout the process is going to be particularly difficult as it is one of the most painful places to be tattooed.

Do tattoos on feet wear off?

Do keep in mind however that foot tattoos will almost always need touching up at some point in their life-span, as they will usually fade a bit over time, even when cared for properly.

How bad does a foot tattoo hurt?

Just to give you a heads-up, if you have very low pain tolerance, having a foot tattoo will be very challenging on your part because the foot is mostly bone, skin, and little fleshy parts. Even if the area is a bit fleshy, like the sole, it will still be very painful.

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How long do foot tattoos take to heal?

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal? After getting a tattoo, the outer layer of skin (the part you can see) will typically heal within 2 to 3 weeks. While it may look and feel healed, and you may be tempted to slow down on the aftercare, it can take as long as 6 months for the skin below a tattoo to truly heal.

Are foot tattoos hard to heal?

Foot tattoos are one of the most difficult to heal for some, and others shy away from getting a foot tattoo because they’re afraid it will be a painful or difficult healing process.

What is the most painful place to get a tattoo?

Scared of tattoo pain? These are the most painful places to get a tattoo

  • Inside of upper arm/elbow.
  • Feet/ankles.
  • Inside of wrist.
  • Hands/fingers.
  • Armpit.
  • Outside of arm.
  • Side of calf.
  • Outer shoulder.

Why do tattoos last forever?

The reason tattoo ink stays in skin forever has to do with the immune system. When you get a tattoo, the ink flows down the tattooing needle into the middle layer of your skin, called the dermis. That creates a wound, which your body tries to heal by sending macrophages (a type of white blood cell) to the area.

Where do tattoos last the longest?

“[The longest -lasting tattoos are] on flatter, less abused areas of the body like the flat of the forearm, upper arms, shoulders, back, and thighs,” tattoo artist Toby Gehrlich tells Bustle. “These areas can usually withstand the test of time.”

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How do you sleep with a foot tattoo?

Here’s how to sleep with a new tattoo:


Can you use numbing cream before tattoo?

An over-the-counter numbing cream found at a pharmacy or a prescription numbing cream can be applied to skin before getting a tattoo to mellow out the pain that comes from getting a tattoo. If it’s a small tattoo in a general area and you have an okay pain tolerance, you might be fine without a numbing cream.

Can you wear socks and shoes after a foot tattoo?

You sure can! Wear clean socks & shoes just like you normally would, and wash the tattoo after you take them off. It is not necessary to apply a barrier between the tattoo and your sock.

Can you walk after a foot tattoo?

Walking after a tattoo can be difficult for a day or two and having a ‘good foot ‘ to take the extra strain will speed up the recovery process. Only if the tattoos are very tiny should both feet be tattooed at the same time. As soon as you get home elevate the affected foot and dab some ice cubes as often as possible.

Can I get a pedicure after a tattoo?

A tattoo is essentially a scrape. Do not soak it though, so the pedicures will have to be on hold until your tattoo is healed. Go get it done the day before you tattoo appointment.

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Where do tattoos hurt the least?

The least painful places to get a tattoo are areas of your body with fewer nerve endings. Think outer shoulder, calf, buttocks, and outer arm. While people generally focus on the location on the body, Stanley Kovak, a cosmetic physician, theorizes that pain is more about size.

Can you shower after a tattoo?

Yes, you can (and should!) shower with a new tattoo, as long as you don’t completely soak it. Avoid swimming—whether in a pool, lake, or the ocean—and submerging your tattoo in a bath or hot tub for two to three weeks, though; this may cause serious damage.

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